Organic Winter Skincare and Wellness Workshop 25th October 2020


Join me for an Organic Winter Skincare and Wellness Workshop, we will talk about the different essential oils that can help you through the season and make some beautiful Organic Products for you to take home at the end of the day. This is a great day for a workshop as the clocks go back the night before so you get an extra hour in bed. ♥️

Organic Winter Skincare and Wellness Workshop on  Sunday, 25th October 2020 at 11:0016:00 UTC, takes place at at Turley Farm. Click here for directions.



On the day you will make these organic products:-

Lotion Bar for soothing sore and achy muscles
Warming Chai Sugar Body Scrub
Dry Hand Salve
Winter Bath Salt Blend- Soothing, Warming, and Clarifying
Decongestant Vapour Rub
Winter Inhalor Stick
Yummy Protective Lip Balm

As we pass through Autumn and Winter approaches, that time of bugs and colds, this change in season, changes how we need to care for and nourish our bodies inside and out. When the land rests in the winter months, we use up what the earth has provided in abundance through the summer. The fresh, cooling foods of Spring and Summer are exchanged as winter approaches for the heavy, nutrient-dense foods that warm and fill the body and spirit. Winter is the time for rest, reflection, and learning. With the dry, cool air and shorter, darker days we start to notice chapped lips and dry skin. We need to focus on hydration and exfoliation as a focus to prepare us for the coming months.

Book now, spaces are limited. All ingredients and materials are included.
You get to take home several organic products, to help see you through the winter and the knowledge to make more at home for your family and friends.
Please message me on Facebook at, call/text 07946 203240 or email to for more information.

Book your place and I will be in touch.

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