Pink Himalayan Salt Spa Bar


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These luxurious bars are made with vitamin rich coconut milk and pure soothing Pink Himalayan Salt mined from ancient sea beds free of the pollution of Real Sea Salt.  This ionic salt is a rich source of trace minerals which will nourish and detoxify your body. Rich in Coconut oil, shea butter and Extra Virgin Olive oil, it is made using a herbal infusion of highly anti-oxidant Rowan berries, soothing Marshmallow, Rosemary and healing Plantain. To top off your home Spa experience is the inclusion of detoxifying Pink French Clay and high grade essential oils. Unlike traditional soap bars, Salt Spa bars will give you a lotion like lather which is silky, smooth and decadent. Work the bar between your hands until the lather forms and then use all over your body.

weight 110g

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