Full Moon Circle and Nature Spa Weekend
A unique, empowering and magical weekend where you will nourish and nurture your body and soul. ♥ ♥ ♥

5 Jun 2020 at 15:30 – 7 Jun 2020 at 16:30 UTC+01

Venue: Turley Farm. Click here for directions. 

This is for you if you want time to disconnect and focus on your inner flow and outer glow leaving ready to weave the magic into your everyday life.

Spend a magical weekend in nature under the energy of the full moon, letting go without judgement through Free Spirit Movement, ceremony, ritual and shared sacred space. Free Spirit Movement is an integral practice of body, mind and soul. Express, communicate, build, feel, connect, share, transform, create and recreate your reality.

Swim with the swallows and dragonflies in a Natural Swimming Pool after indulging in the Outdoor Wood Burning Sauna. This pool allows plants and insects to create a natural ecosystem, pure and chemical free. Take Forest Medicine walks to integrate your day. Learn to use the wonderous gifts of nature to create your own organic skincare. Connect with like minded people and leave revitalised and refreshed.

A potent and enriching weekend guaranteed. No prior experience is necessary, just an open heart.

If this resonates with you read on…

Come join with Nikki Wilkinson Freespirit, teacher and coach of dance, mindfulness and conscious movement and Susie of Alchemisty, Plant Alchemist, Green Witch, Founder, Formulator and Facilitator of Alchemisty Organic Skincare for this empowering and magical weekend. Immerse yourself in nature staying in the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

Nourish and nurture your body and soul through ceremony, dance and plant alchemy, with plenty of free time to indulge in our natural Spa experience with a wood fired sauna and natural swimming pool. Held under the energy of the Rose Full Moon. Step into your radiant beauty on this 3 day retreat in which we will dedicate the time to our inner flow and outer glow.

Staying in shared, beautiful Glamping Bell Tents with a lovely HQ that has hot showers and eco toilets and kitchen facilities. The bell tents have lovely wooden beds with bedding and towels included. Each with its own fire pit. We will have full use of the Turley Farm Barns area for our workshops and free time. In the wonderful Big barn for dance and workshops and then dining and relaxing in the comfy Small barn next door. There is also the opportunity to stay in the luxury rooms at a supplement if you prefer but there is limited availability so you must book this as soon as possible. All the rooms have double beds so you can book for single occupancy or at a reduced rate if you want to share with someone. We will have exclusive access to this amazing area and the gardens, pool, and forest walks. A weekend to truly immerse yourself in nature. Check out the photos of the site.


FreeSpiritMovement is a practice that combines and unites the diverse teachings and skills that Nikki has received over the years, integrating shamanism, dance (from temples, whirling dervish, rituals etc), mindfulness, art, meditation and conscious touch. Among them all there exists a common thread that is part of the same tapestry weaving life. It is in this universal connection that we break the boundaries of tradition and cultural barriers and allow ourselves to open up to a new era of universal awareness, understanding and integration …. Which is … FreeSpiritMovement

Free Spirit Movement personifies the essence of Nikki, of her service and dedication which resides in accompanying and helping people free themselves from that which is blocking them from living fully in the beauty of their true soul. The hummingbird is a small and colorful bird that is in continuous movement feeding on the flowers nectar. It is a symbol of unconditional love and joy.

FreeSpiritMovement enters into the mystery of our being, to see, heal, channel and free and recuperate our true essence and soul connection. The wisdom of the intellect, heart and soul unite in an exquisite dance of pure love. and beauty

Nikki offers individual healing sessions, workshops, retreats and courses. She has been facilitating circles and ceremonies for many years that accompany and help people mark and honor the most important transitions, celebrating life from birth to death.

Her work is her passion, and she is dedicated to sharing and offering a space that, from full presence, travels to the heart and helps love to flourish and breathe in its entirety through the arts, dance, mindfulness and ceremony.


To be able to connect with nature it is important to be in nature so spending time alone to reflect, connect and find a vision or healing will be incorporated into the retreat. The medicine walk will have a specific intention for you to take out onto the spirit of the land and on your return there will be a space within which the community will witness your journey and story.


Ceremony has been used since the beginning of time in all cultures across the globe to mark honour and celebrate life, death, transitions, cycles and seasons. Through ceremony we connect to these vital moments and also honour and give thanks to the Earth, the Elements, Mother Nature and the landscape that holds us.

Ceremony and ritual creates a space within which we are able to share our stories together. Through the skills of deep listening applied within this space we strengthen our sense of compassion and understanding. A unified collective heart consciousness beautifully unfolds to reside within us and shine outwardly.:


Nikki Simone WilkinSun,
Creative Arts and Wilderness Psychotherapist
Dancer and Celebrant.

For more than 20 years, Nikki has charted an artistic and spiritual path of dance, the arts and ceremony. Her main inspiration and motivation lies in promoting and achieving a conscious connection with the center of our heart and soul. Nikki believes that when we remember that we are all one heartbeat, we return to our true source.

Apart from her training in dance, Nikki has been trained both in the United Kingdom and in Spain as an artistic therapist and wilderness psychotherapist. To complement her professional training Nikki has completed courses and diplomas in:

Indian, oriental and world dances.
Arun (conscious touch)
Alexander technique
Mindfulness (Full Attention)
5 souls
4 directions

Nikki founded FreeSpiritM<ovement whih is a unique practice of mindful movement, which weaves together the wisdom, knowledge and tools she has gathered and integrates into her evolving practice.

Nikki offers one to one healing, sessions, workshops and courses for all collectives.

Nikki is a celebrant holding space for many years to mark and honour life transitions and rites of passage from birth to death.

Her work is her passion, she is dedicated to sharing and offering a space that promotes, strengthens and enhances our core connection and creativity through the arts, dance and ceremony.

Susie is a natural and organic skincare facilitator and owner and formulator of Alchemisty Organic Skincare. She is passionate about about using the natural and organic ingredients mother nature bestows upon us both for our skincare and our wellbeing. She has a line of Organic Vegan Soaps and Skincare. All her products are 100% Organic of natural origin, Cruelty Free Soaps, Balms and Bath products, no nasty chemicals and no animals hurt in the process. My products are totally free of palm oil, SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Colours and Fragrances or any of the long list of nasty chemicals found in many commercial cosmetic and beauty products including some of those labelled as organic. She holds workshops teaching how to make products yourself, safely at home, using wonderful organic vegetable oils and butters and pure essential oils for a fraction of the high street cost, making this kind of product available to everyone. She loves to enlighten and educate people about Organic skincare and reading and understanding the ingredients in their products before risking the largest organ in their body … their skin. Just as you care what you put inside your body, care about what you put on the outside.

Susie says, I have always had a passion for wonderful aromas and from a very young age was fascinated by the effect of aromas on our emotions and wellbeing. When I became pregnant whilst living in Amsterdam nearly 20 years ago, was when my life took a total turn towards natural ways to heal. When I first visited the midwife and asked her what pain relief was going to be offered to me and she said “the natural endorphins in your brain and Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops”. I was at first terrified but happily look back on my beautiful home births back in Amsterdam, the first on a house boat with just the afore mentioned Rescue Remedy drops, my breath, yoga and clutching a piece of Malachite and Moss Agate in each hand, our Golden Retriever, Groover by my side, my most amazing experience.

I decided to share my hobby for soap making some 6 years ago and Alchemisty was born, I then took a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and completed a Natural Skincare Teacher Training and started running my own workshops. I am also a gardener and my studies continue and will eternally with all the wealth or plants and their vast array of cures for our ills. Mother nature really does have a cure for all when used with good and true intention and we need to focus on this beautiful connection we share with all nature and the universe. A quote from my current studies The Matrix of Magic comes to mind “We are solar powered beings fuelled on the nectar of flowers” ♥ ♥ ♥

Alchemisty …. 100% Organic …. Pure as Nature Intended ….. Made with

We are offering early bird tickets until 29th February 2020 and the cost of your investment per person is:-

Comfy Glamping Tickets £420 Early Bird £375
Double Room in House £520 Early Bird £475 (limited availability)
Shared Double Room in House £470 Early Bird £425 (limited availability)

If you are interested in securing a place for this unique experience please book the retreat below. If you would like to book and pay using a payment plan please do message Susie here and we will set something up.

Big Love ♥ ♥ ♥

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