Organic Skincare Specialist
Alchemisty -- al-kuh-misti (alkəmɪstɪ)
A seemingly magical process of
tranformation, creation or combination
Looks, smells & feels gorgeous.....almost want to eat the soap! Would highly recommend as handmade by a Beauty with Love  
Xenia Lewis
100% Natural Organic Skincare Products and Workshops
Susie products reflect her heartfelt passion for all things natural and organic. They feel great on your skin and smell utterly divine! - Caroline Sayer
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I’ve attended two workshops so far and have loved every moment of both. Susie is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and her passion is inspiring. I’ve learnt so much from her already and can’t wait for the next event!
She’s single handedly changed how I look after my skin and after only a few weeks of using the products we made on both days, I can already see and feel the difference!
Thank you Susie  Buckets of love xxxx

Nia Day

       Susie & Alchemisty

I am Susie a natural and organic skincare facilitator and owner and formulator of Alchemisty Organic Skincare. I am passionate about using the beautiful organic ingredients that mother nature bestows upon us both for our skincare and our wellbeing. I have a line of 100% Organic Vegan Soaps and Skincare which are Cruelty Free, no nasty chemicals and no animals hurt in the process. My products are totally free of palm oil, SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Colours and Fragrances or any of the long list of nasty chemicals found in many commercial cosmetic and beauty products including some of those labelled as organic. 

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I just used one of susie’s hand made soaps. my skin feels so clean and soft .I used it as a shaving balm for my legs too. worked brilliantly. The smell is awesome too. Thank you xxx

Loubedoos Black-Hartman

                OUR INGREDIENTS


Our 100% natural Eco-friendly soaps are made by the traditional cold process method each using Organic Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil. This method takes the most time, but retains the natural goodness of the ingredients, producing the highest quality natural soaps. Only aromatherapy pure essential oils are used to fragrance each soap and beautiful natural ingredients are used to colour all products.

Susie insists on using only the highest grade of Natural vegetable oils and butters. And all products are sourced locally where possible, including Cotswold Lavender Oil, and Susie loves to use beeswax sourced from hives in her home village of Aston, West Oxfordshire where she makes all her soaps and products.

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